Sunday, July 30, 2006

Javascript Pop up window generator

The most flexible and powerful tool of its kind on the web, use this JavaScript wizard to instantly create, customize, and add pop up or pop under windows to your site! Control precisely the frequency of the window, whether it's once per browser session or any desired period (ie: once every 24 hours). For the uninitiated, a popup refers to a secondary, usually smaller window that loads on top of the main window, and contains a separate HTML document inside of it. To create your own popup, just follow the three simple steps below, and grab the generated code. It's that simple!


Anonymous said...

helo britt where r u'r script??
i have n't seen it.

u can see more this kind::
i haven't given the blogger name becoz i have forgotten the pasword now.

ok see u in my blog & join inthe discusion of java & java script.

Kate Britt said...

Hi Anonymous! Would be nice if you used a name, but anyway....

They're not MY scripts. Just click the title of the post and you'll see the site I'm referring to. That's what my RESOURCES site does -- it's a site that links to other great sites.

Thanks for visiting!

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